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Freethought Across the Centuries  [a textbook]


Women Without Superstition [an anthology]


The Freethought Directory [an international guide to contemporary organizations]


Books with a Humanistic Bent [materials from the classics through the contemporary]

Freethought Across the Centuries

By Gerald A. Larue

Textbook FREE to instructors of methods classes!

Originally written for use in college comparative religions courses, this text describes the many cultural currents around the world that have fed into present-day freethought as well as the varied thinkers who, using their freedom of thought and expression, moved bravely against the dominant thinking of their own times.

This item is an excellent summary resource for teachers who are seeking background information to strengthen their understanding of freethought. [Click for more information on the Larue text.]

Women Without Superstition

Edited by Annie Laurie Gaylor

Published by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, this extensive compilation brings to life, through their own powerful words, the lives of of freethought heroines from colonial times through the 20th century. It is a marvelous informative read.

The Freethought Directory

Edited by Constance Edwards

Produced by the Atheos Media Group and published by the Atheist Alliance International, this Directory, published annually, offers the user a glimpse of the diverse array of organizations associated with freethought perspectives. It is a handy source for contacting such groups in diverse locales (The 2003 edition is available in CD format as well as in soft cover).

Books with a Humanistic Bent

A listing by the American Humanist Association of titles from the classics to the contemporary.

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