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The Teachers' Press is a venture by career instructors from Riverside-Brookfield Public High School, Riverside Illinois. Our materials evolved through years of interaction with students in academically-oriented, non-tracked classes. Collaborators since the 1960's, the units were developed and revised in the classroom by Brant W. Abrahamson and Fred C. Smith of Riverside-Brookfield High School in the near western suburbs of Chicago. Abrahamson was selected as an Illinois Master Teacher in 1986.

Our Perspectives

Units are interdisciplinary, concept-oriented, durable, open-ended and economical to use. A limited number of fundamental ideas taken from natural science, history and the social sciences are focused upon a particular theme--such as religion. It is studied from a variety of perspectives using many established learning modes. Students are expected to provide illustrations and examples from their lives. This makes them junior but essential partners in the learning process. Instructors also can claim ownership by using current technology. We encourage computer scanning, editing and duplication.

Our materials are durable, based upon established principles of scholarly thought. How can instructors be effective leaders in a transient intellectual atmosphere? Why should students work hard if subject matter soon may be discarded?

Our long-lasting, clearly-written, reproducible packets lead to economical education. Since duplication is encouraged, a school needs to purchase only as many packet copies as there are faculty members using the particular unit.





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