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A Brief Primer on Freethought and Freethinkers

Each individual seems to seek a personal understanding of the meaning and purpose of life and living. Most people derive answers to such inquiries about human life from fellow human beings and from their cultural surroundings, particularly from religion. Many take another route—the path of freethinking. By way of their mental faculties and independent reasoning, these persons reach autonomous conclusions concerning the prevalent "religious truths" of the time and place into which they are born.

The enduring human quest for meaning has, throughout history, led many persons to depart from the prevailing societal conception of "truth" offered them in their day. They have independently pursued the quest for meaning and reached their own determinations. These are the freethinkers

bulletBy what routes do these freethinkers unshackle themselves from cultural authority and tradition and reach their own interpretations of life purpose and conscience?
bulletHow does society respond through its political and religious institutions to such individuals?
bulletOf what relevance is this in the United States?

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