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Teaching about Religion with a View to Diversity [a Web resource]


Prejudice and Discrimination [a lesson]


Cultural Change [a lesson]


Individual Rights and the Law[ 8 lessons]

Teaching about Religion with a View to Diversity
[a Web resource]

This extensive site provides academic information and teaching materials in support of:

1. educational commitment to U.S. pluralism

2. just acknowledgment that public schools are for students of all worldviews, whether religious or nonreligious, and

3.  the professional understanding that public school teachers need to abide by a scrupulous neutrality regarding religion

The site is a worldview-neutral resource designed to serve professional educators [teachers, administrators, college professors, and curriculum developers] especially in the areas of history, social studies, and religious studies.  The emphasis is on planning and conducting instruction within U.S. public schools, but site content may also be of interest to others. Elements of the nonreligious worldview are succinctly presented along with comparable aspects of historical deism and seven major world religions. The site features a compilation of teaching guidance from varied sources to help teachers deal academically and impartially with diverse human worldviews. On-line self-instruction for teachers, position papers, handy Web links, and other materials are also accessible at the site.

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Prejudice and Discrimination
[a lesson]

This ERIC lesson helps students come to understand the prejudices and discrimination that have existed throughout history and continue as negative aspects of our society today.

Cultural Change
[a lesson]

Political developments leave a clear trace in the life of a nation, usually marked by legislative mileposts like the Fourteenth Amendment, which dictates equal protection for all, and the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.  But such developments have a cultural dimension as well, often evident in the attitudes and assumptions implicit in political arguments.

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Individual Rights and the Law
[8 lessons]

Free lessons that focus on Socrates and the Law.  Eight lessons on the themes (1) To learn about Socrates and his significance within Western civilization; (2) To analyze the arguments on the rule of law that Socrates presents in the Crito; (3) To explore the claims of law on personal conscience; (4) To consider the relationship between individual rights and the rule of law in contemporary society.


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