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Different Drummers: Nonconforming Thinkers in History

Table of Contents


Foreword, Acknowledgements, Authors’ Note, Preface

The Concept Lessons

Purpose, Content and Organization, General Organization of Lessons

Individual Lessons

  1. Blend In / Stand Out

  2. Conformity Concoctions

  3. Class Pet

  4. Traits of Different Drummers

  5. Three Mental Modes

  6. An Individualist Talks with His/Her Society

  7. One Outspoken Fellow—Mark Twain

  8. How Dare She?—Women Reformers

  9. Celebrated and Condemned—Thomas Jefferson

  10. Out of Bounds—Freethinkers and Friends

The Story Lessons

Story Lesson Overview and Teaching Strategies

Stories 1, 2, and 3 (one file)

1.The Prince Is Shocked to Learn (Buddha)

2. The Greek Gods Meet Their Match (Thales and Aristotle)

3. The Man of Many Questions (Socrates)

Stories 4, 5, 6 (one file)

4. One Priest Rattles Rome (Luther)

5. When Galileo Saw Things Differently (Copernicus and Galileo)

6. The Candid Littérateur (Voltaire)

Stories 7, 8, 9 (one file)

7. The Ladies Clamor for Change (Stanton and Wollstonecraft)

8. The Hungry Learner’s Big Picture (Darwin)

9. One Pesky Patriot (Paine)

The Learning Activities

  1. Invent a Nonconforming Thinker

  2. Celebrity Traits Analysis

  3. Open Mind

  4. Dialogue Book

  5. “I Am” Poem

  6. Document Comparison Table

  7. Dear Diary / My Life

  8. Biography in a Bag

  9. 3-Button Web Page

  10. Alive Then / And Again

  11. Where in the World (or in Time) Are They?

  12. Chart 'Em

  13. What’s Their Type?

  14. Ten Questions

  15. Costumes and Tunes

The Pictorials

Sampler of Trading Cards In printed DD version, pictorials come in three sizes--small, mid-size (for small group activities), and large (as display pictures, wall size)

The Teacher's Section

The Different Drummers module includes three booklets of supplemental information helpful to teachers who wish to deal academically and impartially with matters of nonconformist thought in general and nonconformity to religion in particular.



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