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Purchasing Different Drummers

A complete 300-page printed version of the teaching materials can be obtained at cost of printing* direct from Trafford Publishing. All student and teacher materials are provided (in black and white, shrink-wrapped and 3-ring binder-ready, including all duplication masters).

You can order on-line at

or by phone at


* The current price is $25 for the complete module (prices vary slightly as printing costs change). The shipping generally is less than $5. This print-on-demand publisher accepts check, Visa/MasterCard, and school purchase orders.

Trafford Publishing


Toll-free    1-888-232-4444

Fax: 1-250-383-6804

Phone:  1-250-383-6864

Mail:  Suite 6E,

         2333 Government St 

         Victoria, B.C. V8T4P4


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